Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Showcase Review

The Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Showcase is yet another Galaxy S2 class device offered by Straight Talk. The Showcase is a step below the Straight Talk

Release Date September/October 2012

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Samsung S950c Specifications


Android Operating System
Gingerbread Android version 2.3.4

Phone Processor Speed
1.0 GHz

Phone Dimensions
4.90" x 2.50" x 0.40"

Phone Weight
4.16 OZ

Form Factor
Candybar with large 4.0" display

Screen Size and Resolution:
4.50" Diagonal, 800 x 480 pixels Amoled

Carrier Technology:
CDMA via Sprint

Battery Life:
Up to 9hrs talk time, Up to 10 days stand by


Camera resolution:
5.0 MP main/1.3mp front & 4x zoom

v 2.0

Charge and data cable port
Standard Micro USB

Headphone Jack
Standard iPod type size - 3.5mm

Maximum Micro SD card Support
Supports up to 32Gb support. Comes with 4gb sd card.

Straight Talk/Net10 Samsung s950g

Samsung s950g

Large 4.0" high resolution screen, fast 1ghz processor, front and rear facing cameras, CDMA 3g calling area, Google play apps, Youtube, Facebook and more

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Samsung S950c Showcase is a mid to high end device for use with the Straight Talk plan. This is an affordable cousin to the Samsung S959g, another Galaxy class phone. The S950, however has some notable differences from the 959. First, is the processor. While the 959 has dual core 1.2ghz processor, this one has a 1.0ghz single core. The differences don't stop there. Another big difference is that the 950 is a smaller device and has a smaller 4" screen. It's still a good size screened device but in a more compact body since the dimensions are smaller. Finally, is the digital camera, the 950 has a 5.0 mp main camera but you still get the front facing camera. Overall, this is a solid device that is sure to be much more affordable than the 959. You shouldn't loose too much by way of functionality with the savings. I think this one is a good bang for your buck.

A look around the phone reveals a straight forward classic Android device. All black plastic body with a shiny black bezel surrounding the screen. You get the capacitive touch Android buttons just below the screen . The left hand side reveals the usual volume rocker, the top houses the 3.5mm standard iPod type headphone jack as well as the usb/charge port, the right side has the lock/power button and that's about it. Very simple and efficient design. Interestingly, note that the phone does not have a dedicated camera button


This being another Android, feature wise is pretty standard. The main feature being the large 4" screen. It's not quite the 4.5" monster but close enough. Additionally, you get a pretty fast 1.ghz processor that will allow you to run pretty much any app offered on the Google Play app store. Of course, it comes with the usual laundry list of standard features so common on Androids such as GPS, WiFi, Google Play App store, Youtube, Facebook, etc. As we mentioned, this one is not quite as powerful as the S959 we spoke of earlier but it is more affordable. Overall, this one has a great feature set just as all Androids do and it's plenty powerful for even demanding users.

Calling Area

As we mentioned earlier, this is a CDMA phone. As such, Straight Talk will probably use the Sprint Network. If you're interested in a GSM Android of this caliber, then do take a look at the S959g as it is a GSM device.

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Wrapping it Up

Overall, the S950C Showcase is an excellent Android device in the ever popular Galaxy series. It's a rather affordable device that gets you into the upper echelon tier of Android devices offered by Straight Talk. As we mentioned, it's not quite up to the Samsung S959g or LG Black tier but you certainly get great features for the price. If you're looking for an above average Android device, this is one for you. It's easily at the top of the Straight Talk lineup.